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Shred Day 6 — Level 1 (and weekend update)

Ok, I blew it a bit this weekend. I should have done the Shred on Saturday but woke up at 4am with a bad headache and a to-do list as long as my arm. I barely had a chance to breathe and by the time the headache was gone, I was in the middle of a crazy Saturday that included:

  • Grocery shopping
  • 3 loads of laundry
  • Quick clean of the bathroom
  • Deep clean of my bedroom
  • Half hour at my niece’s soccer game
  • General craziness including wrangling my very active 9 month old

Anyway, the good news of the weekend is that I generally ate very well. On Saturday, I made Ginger Sweet Potato Chicken Bake and paired it with brown rice and broccoli. Ate that for lunch as well yesterday and for dinner made turkey burritos, with refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. And of course, hot sauce!

I also cooked up a batch of high protein breakfast burritos for fuel after Shredding in the a.m.  I modified that recipe first by halfing it (dozen eggs only) and used a can of black beans along with some cut-up turkey sausage I had leftover from breakfast. I also used green onions and sweet yellow peppers for my flavor. Salsa and some cheddar cheese added on top. It took about 45 minutes to make up the entire batch of what ended up being 15 burritos — enough for one burrito every work morning during the April Shred!

Anyway, I got back on the Shred train at 6am this morning. I do think the little break did my muscles good. I still struggle through the first circuit, mainly because the warm-up is not long enough and my legs are really tight during those first sets of jumping jacks. But I got through it.

I bumped up the weights on a few exercises as well. My baseline is 3 pounds but I used 5 pounds on the dumbell rows (back), bicep curls and chest flys. Definitely made those exercises a bit harder!


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