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Shred Day 10 — Level 1

Shredding has been accomplished the last two days. Upped my to 5lbs on the first set of anterior raises. Felt great! I’m home today for Good Friday. Baby’s napping, laundry is moving. Feeling good after working out all week and eating fairly well.

I’m going to move onto Level 2 tomorrow. I’m askeered. Also — stats and weight update!


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Shred Day 8 — Level 1 (I left my boyfriend in the warm bed to get with Jillian!)

Quick post this morning because I have piles of work to attack. Despite the fact that I wanted to stay in bed with my boyfriend all warm and cozy (he normally is only here on the weekends — we work/live two hours apart) I got my ass out of bed and Shredded.

It wasn’t my best workout, but I did it. And I’m glad now that I chose to get my ass kicked by Jillian instead of 20 minutes of snuggling. Crazy, I know! (Good thing he doesn’t read this blog!).

Bob, our fearless Team Jillian leader, posted this morning about getting back into his skinny jeans.  I can totally relate. That is my number one goal right now — to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! I am in dire need of spring/summer clothes but refuse to buy anything this month in my current size. I have a box of clothes awaiting me. I am  confident that a month or two of shredding/working out and making some eating changes will work. One day at a time….one day at a time.

Go Team Jillian!

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Shred Day 7 — Level 1 (I actually kicked my ass!)

I was up early this morning so had some great energy going into the Shred at 6am. I’m tiring a bit of the narration, but I hadn’t yet put together an iPod playlist to replace the audio. Here are some great ideas for tracks that are about the beat speed of Level 1.What I did do this morning was simply to create a Genius playlist from a Chemical Brothers song and jammed while doing my lunges, pushups and abs to Fat Boy Slim, Crystal Method and some other electronica iTunes pulled from my library.

I am definitely feeling stronger and loving my body’s increase in endurance. I am getting deeper into my lunges and squats. And I even kicked my self in the butt during the butt kick part of the cardio circuits!

Another improvement — even with the increase in the weights on certain exercisese I don’t feel nearly as sore later in the day or the next after a workout.

Of course, a few more days of this as my body adjusts to this workout and it will be time to mix it up with Level 2. Oh boy!

Go Team Jillian!

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Shred Day 6 — Level 1 (and weekend update)

Ok, I blew it a bit this weekend. I should have done the Shred on Saturday but woke up at 4am with a bad headache and a to-do list as long as my arm. I barely had a chance to breathe and by the time the headache was gone, I was in the middle of a crazy Saturday that included:

  • Grocery shopping
  • 3 loads of laundry
  • Quick clean of the bathroom
  • Deep clean of my bedroom
  • Half hour at my niece’s soccer game
  • General craziness including wrangling my very active 9 month old

Anyway, the good news of the weekend is that I generally ate very well. On Saturday, I made Ginger Sweet Potato Chicken Bake and paired it with brown rice and broccoli. Ate that for lunch as well yesterday and for dinner made turkey burritos, with refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. And of course, hot sauce!

I also cooked up a batch of high protein breakfast burritos for fuel after Shredding in the a.m.  I modified that recipe first by halfing it (dozen eggs only) and used a can of black beans along with some cut-up turkey sausage I had leftover from breakfast. I also used green onions and sweet yellow peppers for my flavor. Salsa and some cheddar cheese added on top. It took about 45 minutes to make up the entire batch of what ended up being 15 burritos — enough for one burrito every work morning during the April Shred!

Anyway, I got back on the Shred train at 6am this morning. I do think the little break did my muscles good. I still struggle through the first circuit, mainly because the warm-up is not long enough and my legs are really tight during those first sets of jumping jacks. But I got through it.

I bumped up the weights on a few exercises as well. My baseline is 3 pounds but I used 5 pounds on the dumbell rows (back), bicep curls and chest flys. Definitely made those exercises a bit harder!

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Shred Day 3 — Level 1

Oh, it was so hard to leave my warm, cozy bed this morning. But leave it I did. After wiping the sleep out of my eyes and blearily putting on my workout clothes, I joined Jillian, Anita, and Natalie for another round of abuse.

The good — I got through all of the pushups in each set of circuit 1! On my knees, of course, but I did not have to stop during them.

The bad — during the 1st circuit, my quads really gave me hell. Sore from the last few days — the muscles were really tight. So tight I had a hard time with the jumping jacks and jump rope. But by the third circuit, things were loosened up and I did much better with the cardio.

The ugly — I ate a donut this morning! Well, I’m not really going to beat myself up about it. I had eggs and toast at home, but when I got to work and grabbed coffee — I could not resist the siren call of a chocolate-covered piece of glazed heaven.

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Shred Day 2 — Level 1

Ouch! I was sore when I began the workout and am more sore now that it’s over.

That first circuit is the killer. I still can’t get through each set of the push-ups but I think I made it farther each time before taking a quick break. I also did not take any breaks during the rest of the workout!

I do think, despite the soreness, I’m enjoying actually feeling something going on with my muscles!

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Shred Day 1 — Level 1


So simple yet so…well, hard. I haven’t worked out consistently since about half way through my pregnancy and that was over a year ago! A few modifications I made:

  • I used 3lb weights on all but the initial shoulder exercises, where on the second set I moved down to cans of beans.
  • I definitely followed Anita the whole time, not going too deep in the squats and lunges.
  • I managed to get through with only about 4 5-second breaks.

My arms, legs, and shoulders feel like jelly. A hot shower sounds good right about now!

I also weighed in this morning pre-workout and took some Day 1 pics (oh so lovely at 5:45 am!). Will post these, goals for the 30-day Shred later today.

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