Back on the Shred Wagon with Level 2

I fell off the wagon this weekend. While I planned to take Sundays off, I took off on Saturday, too. Also, for the 30 Day Shred Challenge, while I took my measurements, I am not posting anything. I’m down about 2 pounds but no appreciable difference with the inches is visible right now.
I admit to some disappointment, but I also realize that this is going to take time and I’m letting go of weighing or measuring until the end of the 30 days.  Easier on my psyche that way.

One big noticeable difference for me this weekend — usually by the end of Sunday my lower back is very sore. All week my son is in daycare so I’m not picking him up, taking care of him, etc. nearly as much daily as I am during the weekend. And in fact, this weekend we were together 3 full days. But yesterday — no back pain!

That’s when I knew that while the scale wasn’t budging, the Shred was making a difference!

I began anew today with Level 2. Wow. Just wow. Those planks are killer! Now I know what all the fuss was about with the other Shredheads. I had to stop a few times and definitely worked up even more of a sweat than Level 1.

Got Team Jillian!


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  1. Hey, 2 pounds is great! And that’s awesome about your back not hurting too! I think she adds in supermen in level 3 – you lie face down and kind of do a crunch for your lower back. That helped my back a LOT too.

    And planks are definitely tough on all of my muscles. Who would have thought they’d work so many at once? For some reason just doing planks, even if it’s just holding one, makes me sweat like I’m in a sauna.

    Great job, keep it up!

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