Shred Day 7 — Level 1 (I actually kicked my ass!)

I was up early this morning so had some great energy going into the Shred at 6am. I’m tiring a bit of the narration, but I hadn’t yet put together an iPod playlist to replace the audio. Here are some great ideas for tracks that are about the beat speed of Level 1.What I did do this morning was simply to create a Genius playlist from a Chemical Brothers song and jammed while doing my lunges, pushups and abs to Fat Boy Slim, Crystal Method and some other electronica iTunes pulled from my library.

I am definitely feeling stronger and loving my body’s increase in endurance. I am getting deeper into my lunges and squats. And I even kicked my self in the butt during the butt kick part of the cardio circuits!

Another improvement — even with the increase in the weights on certain exercisese I don’t feel nearly as sore later in the day or the next after a workout.

Of course, a few more days of this as my body adjusts to this workout and it will be time to mix it up with Level 2. Oh boy!

Go Team Jillian!


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  1. Kat said

    Just did level 2 today. Not sure how my body will be tomorrow. Keep up the great work!

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